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Find a place – Step by step

1. Create an application

To be able to invite you to views, we follow a certain process. As a step in that we ask you to first create an application.

2. Search

There are different ways to search from our homes:


Use filter to customize the list of available apartments for your needs.


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3. Show interest

Let us know which homes you’re interested in.. You do this by clicking on “Show interest” at the respective residence ad. You must first be logged in.

4. View

If you match the landlord’s wishes of tenants we book a viewing as soon as the landlord is able to show the dwelling.

5. Leases

Leases are usually written in our office in Old Town or via electronic means.

The contract signed between you and the landlord. But we will help you so clearly before, during and after the contract is written.

6. Payment

Rent and deposit

Paid when the contract is signed. Rent and deposit shall be on the landlord’s account before occupancy.

Everything about the rental payments is also in contract.

7. Moving in

Unpack your stuff, sit down on the couch and enjoy your new home.

On we are available for questions before you move in., while you stay at home and after you moved out. We do everything to make your home search easy, Safe and effective.

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Questions and answers

Why do I need to create an application?

You need to create an application for us to present you in the best way for our landlords. First, when you create an application, you can show an interest in the homes that match your needs. Based on that, we can then help you further in your home search.

Can I subscribe to new homes?

Click 'Gilla' button above to receive an automatic update of newly homes in your News Feed on Facebook.

What makes a good application out?

Here's an example of an application look:

My name is Johan Eriksson, and together with my girlfriend Maria Svensson I search an apartment within duties. We 32 repektive 30 old.

I work at IKEA stores where I drive truck, and very happy with it. When I'm not working, I play football in division 4. My girlfriend is a copywriter and co-owner of an advertising agency with offices in Mariatorget. It's her business Advertising Ltd who will stand on our leases. She also holds evening classes in Yoga is her passion. People would probably describe us as pleasant and easy-going.

Right now we live in a second in Vasastan and am very happy with it, but since the contract expires on 2 months we are looking for a new apartment. We wish any rent for at least 1 year, but can also imagine 6 months. The apartment must be unfurnished as we have lots of furniture itself.

References from previous landlords are, and of course, we have no credit history.

There is no problem for us to get the views on short notice. We can be reached most easily via email.